Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment

Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment

Although most of our wheels are powder coated, a diamond cut finish is often needed when the manufacturer’s original wheel has a diamond cut finish. Diamond cut wheels look great but they are especially prone to alloy corrosion because lacquer is too difficult to apply to bare alloy. That is why it only takes a few stone chips and a bit of water to get in for corrosion spots to occur on diamond cut wheels. You cannot do a diamond cut wheel refurbishment as part of a mobile or touch-up service; the wheel must go on a specialist lathe.

When we refurbish a diamond cut wheel, we first strip and powder coat the entire wheel before cutting back the diamond cut surface with the lathe. We operate custom lathes and programming to get great results.

We use the best equipment and latest techniques to repair diamond cut and standard alloy wheels. Prices start from £75 + VAT.

For your quick quotation email us an image of your alloy or simply call your local DingMaster body shop

We can also offer an advanced alloy wheel refurb, in which alloys are dipped in acid and put back to original colour. Prices start from £65.00 + VAT.


Diamond Cut Specialists
With our new specialist machinery we can refurbish all Diamond Cut Alloy wheels. Leaving a perfect new clean edge to your expensive alloys, at a much more affordable price than replacement!
We can solve various alloy wheel issues
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