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What to do when your car has been dented


It’s never pleasant when you notice an unsightly dent in your car, but it’s something that you should be aware can easily happen. You could end up accidentally causing the dent yourself; alternatively, you could return to a car park where you have left your vehicle and it has since picked up… yes, a dent. That could have resulted from a “dent and run”, as new research reported by BT hints. So, how should you react if you notice a dent on your car? Here are some tips…

Rest assured that dents can easily occur

When first seeing a dent, don’t get frustrated thinking that it must have been due to careless driving – or, indeed, something else – on your part. According to research, one in five UK drivers have admitted to damaging another car before doing a runner without even informing the vehicle’s owner what has happened. While it is actually illegal to “dent and run”, this study does at least reveal the practice to be more common than you might have expected.

If you can, find the damaged panel’s back

However big or small the dent is, you might be able to manually banish it yourself. Firstly, look for the back of the dented panel before tapping out the dent from that rear. When doing this, you should use an appropriately-sized hammer but also have cushioning between the panel and hammer. Soft woods would be best suited as this cushioning. Start at the dent’s centre and go slowly.

Alternatively, you could use a dent puller

If the damaged panel’s rear is out of reach, you will require what is known as a dent puller, as explains. Dent pullers are available in a range of sizes and can be purchased from accessory shops; larger ones can be hired from plant hire firms. Keep in mind that the dent puller won’t actually work unless it is about as big as – or bigger than – the dent that will be treated.

Once you are confident that you have the right kind of dent puller, give the damaged area a clean – this will ensure good contact. Then, attach the puller’s suckers to the area and, if contact is good, begin pulling. You could require more force than you had expected.

Seek external assistance if the dent looks hard to treat

If personally getting rid of this dent appears beyond your ability, don’t be afraid to look for help from an external source. That way, you might avoid the necessity of claiming car insurance for a replacement panel. The source of help could be conveniently close by…

Let’s assume, for example, that you needed a car dent repair in Bristol. You could, using your phone, capture a photo of that dent and send this image our way through our online service. We would then pass this photo onto one of our dent removal specialists who could then send you a quote. Our Bristol branch can also be reached by phone on 01454 617721.

Customer Review

  • I wanted to write and say thank you to you and your Bristol team for a great experience I had bringing my mercedes SL in for some bits and bobs: Alloys, seat bolster and centre console refurb. As you may remember I was using the car days later as my wedding car so I was keen to ensure all went to plan. I need not have worried and I’m really pleased with the work that was carried out. If I need any other work carrying out in future i’ll definately be back in to see you!

    Adam Gill, Bristol
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